Contributing Scientist

Philip Gribbon

Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort

  • Contribution: Assay development and large scale screening centre
  • Research interest: Target validation, New Assay and screening technologies, In‐silico screening, Biophysical methods for hit identification; Antibiotic resistance mediated by transport mechanisms, iPS as tools for efficacy and toxicity screening, Hit deconvolution technologies
  • Expertise: High content screening, Assay development, biophysical methods for hit discovery including label free and SPR technologies, in‐silico screening and chemi‐informatics, application of “Big data” methods, single molecule electrophysiological readouts, in‐vitro toxicity and ADME profiling, Biomarker identification, validation and profiling, Biomarker identification and profiling
  • Equipment: 350K compound library including natural product and synthetic compounds; uHTS screening platforms with acoustic dispensing and advanced liquid handling (Perkin Elmer, Tecan). Multiple instruments (Opera, Incucyte, Ensight) for HC imaging of live and fixed cells. Panel of EB and 3‐D microtissue assay readouts using mES and hiPS derived lines, automated SPR screening system including fragments, Stem Cell laboratory, Biomarker detection platforms (FACS, MesoScale Discovery) for support of clinical trials

 Presentation / Overview (PDF)