Contributing Scientists

Marino Zerial & Marc Bickle

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics,
HT-Technology Development Studio, Dresden 

  • Contribution: Collaborations in high throughput & high content cell-based imaging screens (HT/HCS, primary & secondary screens) with chemical libraries from assay development to data analysis. Assays available for endocytosis, epithelial mesenchymal transformation (EMT), cytotoxicity and phagocytosis.
  • Research interest: Systems biology analysis of biological processes using a fully automated multidisciplinary technology pipeline for high throughput & high content cell-based imaging screens. Specific focus: impact of endocytosis on signaling in diverse model systems from cell lines to isolated primary cells (mouse, human).
  • Expertise: small compound screening, RNAi, functional genomics, pharmacogenomics & chemico-genomics screens, full spectrum of HT/HCS from assay design/development/automation/validation and data analysis, quantitative multiparametric image analysis, statistics.
  • Equipment: Equipment: Full automation: liquid handling platforms (acoustic dispensing Echo 525 (Labcyte), Freedom Evo 200 (Tecan), Biotek 406 EL and Biomek FX (Beckman Coulter), drop dispensers, plate washer, plate readers and confocal automated microscopes (Yokogawa CV7000, Perkin Elmer OPERA) widefield microscopes (Arrayscan, BDPathway); >90.000 small chemical compounds; 5 genome wide RNAi libraries; access to supercomputer (collaboration with TUD).

Presentation / Overview (PDF)