Contributing Scientist

Mark Brönstrup

Helmholtz-Centre for Infection Research,
Department of Chemical Biology

  • Contribution: Screening centre; Bioprofiling site
  • Research interest: Small molecules, drug conjugates and peptides; molecular mode of action of bioactive substances; screening and hit optimization
  • Expertise: Antibacterial and antiviral lead finding, compound screening, bioprofiling by high content imaging and impedance spectroscopy, mode of action studies, chemical-genetic interaction analysis through single gene deletion mutants of S. cerevisiae and through induced bacterial mutations; differential proteome analysis by DARTS (Drug Affinity Responsive Target Stability); peptide microarrays; chemical probes; metabonomics
  • Equipment: 30K compound library including proprietary and commercial substances; liquid handling robots in BLS1, S2 and S3 for screening and assay development; automated microscope, label-free cell analysis (xCELLigence). Transcriptional profiling; High Content Image Analysis; Western Blots, enzyme assays, parallel micro-synthesis (SPOT-Synthesis/SC2); organic synthesis equipment, epitope mapping, UHPLC-TOF-MS, Triple Quad MS, GC/MS.


Presentation / Overview (PDF)